What are widget loads?

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About widget loads

Widget loads are a metric in Trustmary that tracks how many times a widget's code has been loaded on your website (and in turn, how many requests are made to our servers). So, basically everytime anyone visits your site and loads the widget, one widget load is counted towards your limit.

If the limit is reached, the widget is simply hidden behind a notification until the limit resets, and no reviews or information is lost. Once the limit resets, the widget appears again automatically. 

Checking your widget load limits

To see how much of the mothly load limit has been used, navigate to your Trustmary Overview page at app.trustmary.com. In there, at the top of the page, you'll find information and shortcuts to various parts of the service.

Look for the one that reads Widget loads this month. This is where you can see how many widget loads there have been in the current month. Below the numbers and the heading you can also see the date when the limit will reset (the first day of the month).

You can also see your limits in the top of the navigation bar on the left:

Having trouble?

Wondering why your widget loads have gone so fast? Check out these points to help you figure out what happened.

  • Install location & targeting. Check the install location of your widget. If you've accidentally installed the widget so that it loads on all the pages of a site (rather than a single page), the loads might be depleted quicker. Such a case could be, for example, if the widget is installed to the website template, rather than a pages or pages. 
  • Your widget loads. Your actions in for example the widget installation process can also affect the limit, as the widget is usually loaded multiple times while installing it. Check the limit the following month after it resets to see if they're still depleted quickly.
  • Number of sites. If you have a widget in multiple locations, they usually get more total loads. If you're hitting the limits and want the widgets to be visible for longer, try to narrow down the amount of pages the widgets are on.
  • Number of widgets. All widgets count towards the same limit, so naturally if you have multiple widgets installed, the limit is probably reached faster. Try to narrow down the amount of widgets to make the limit last longer.

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