Creating and installing widgets with Trustmary Solo

Learn to create widgets and how to install them onto your site.


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Create a widget

Start off by navigating to the Widgets section from the navigation bar. Here you can view and manage all your existing widgets. 

In the top section of the page you can see different widget categories and browse the widget templates within. 

Once you've found a template you like, hover your cursor on it and click on the Create this widget button on it.

Next up is the widget editor. Here you can customize your widget's appearance, content, and settings, in addition to getting the embed code for it.

Installing widgets

Getting the embed code

Start by navigating to the Widgets section in Trustmary. In there, select a widget or create a new one. 

In the widget editor, look for the Add to website button on the toolbar and click it to reveal the embed code.

What to do with the code snippet?

For the widgets to work, you'll need to copy the code from Trustmary to your website, either straight to the source code, or through your platform's editor. The website platforms usually have an element called code, html, embed or the like that can run the code.

For more information on embedding to different platforms, check out our help article collection on the topic.  

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