Pipedrive activities into Trustmary contacts via Zapier

Automatically move data from Pipedrive activities to Trustmary with Zapier.


Last Update il y a 10 mois

To use this type of integration, you will need a Zapier account. For sign up and log in, visit Zapier.com. If you have questions regarding Zapier itself, please consult the Zapier help documentation page.

About Zapier integrations

This article discusses the integration of Pipedrive and Trustmary via Zapier. Before you start creating integrations with Zapier, we recommend you take a look at our general Zapier integration guide to learn how the basic process of integrating your apps works with Zapier.

Zapier templates

The most simple way of adding new Pipedrive people as contacts in Trustmary is by using our Zapier template designed specifically for this. This template has most things already setup to make the task a bit easier.

Other frequently used templates for integrating Trustmary and Pipedrive can be found here:

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