Introduction to Make integrations

Learn how to integrate different apps & services to Trustmary with the help of Make.


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Please check out our pricing to see which plans support integrations.
use this integration, you will also need a Make account. To sign up, visit If you have questions regarding Make itself, please consult the Make help documentation page.

Getting started

In this article, we will take a look at a simple way of integrating Trustmary with other apps by using Make. The article will cover the basics of setting up a Make automation (Scenario), and can be applied to most similar integrations.

This is a general purpose article to give you an approximate idea on how the integrations work through Make, so some things might appear different in your use case and selected apps. If you need instructions for a particular app, check out our other articles on integrations.

If you already know what you need to do, go ahead and skip to the part of the guide that is useful to you.

Connecting your Trustmary account with an API key

Start by opening up Trustmary, and navigating to your Settings from the lower left corner.

In settings, go to the Developers tab and click the Add new button under the API keys section.

In the next window, set a name for your API key to tell it apart from others, and copy the API key itself.

Next, log in to your Make account and create a new scenario.

Open a Trustmary module scenario and click the Add button next to the Connection field.

Then, simply enter a name for the connection, and paste the API key you created before into the API Key field.


You can select from a variety of trigger, action, and search modules to move data from and to Trustmary. Check out the Make help documentation on how to use these modules with other apps. 

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