WordPress integration with Trustmary

Integrating WordPress with Trustmary.


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If you're installing popups, you might also need a Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics accounts, which can be created and accessed from tagmanager.google.com and analytics.google.com respectively. If you have questions regarding Google Tag Manager or Google Analytics, please consult the Google Support page.

Embedding testimonials and surveys to your WordPress site

The basic procedure of embedding Trustmary's functions into WordPress consists of copying the embed code from the widget or the survey in question in the Trustmary app and inserting it into the desired place on your WordPress website.

The more specific procedure differs to some degree depending on which theme and page builder you are using. Instructions on how the embedding process works on the most popular WordPress themes can be found in the list below.

Installing Popups

Installing Google Tag Manager on WordPress

Google Tag Manager can be installed to your WordPress site by first setting up Tag Manager and getting your container code and then installing the code to your site through the WordPress app. A more extensive walkthrough of the process can be found in this article.

Installing popups with Google Tag Manager (or directly)

We recommend using Google Tag Manager to install the Trustmary script, as this helps ensure the goal tracking works and popups is always shown to visitors. For more information on the installation process, check out our installation guide.

The popups can also be installed manually to WordPress. Instructions for this can be found here.

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