Preventing Cookiebot from blocking your widgets

Learn how to set your widget scripts as 'necessary' and prevent Cookiebot from hiding them.


Last Update 10 bulan yang lalu

In some cases, Cookiebot is known to hide Trustmary widgets before cookie consent is given. This is because Cookiebot sometimes classifies Trustmary as "marketing cookies" rather than necessary.

With the help of this article, you can change how Cookiebot classifies the Trustmary script to ensure your widgets are always displayed to the world.

Cookiebot settings

First, you'll need to log in to your Cookiebot account.

Once you're in, find the Cookies link at the top of the page. In here, you'll see all the cookies discovered on your domain. If you don't see anything here, click Scan domain now and wait for a while for the scan to finish. Once all the cookies have been discovered, find Trustmary in the list, and change the Category to Necessary.

After that just hit Save in the top left and you're all set!

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