How do the message tokens work?

Learn how to use the message tokens in Messages.


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About message tokens

You might have noticed the message tokens below the text editor while creating a message. The message tokens work by automatically placing information, such as names or the first question, from a contact or a survey to messages.

The purpose of this is enable you to easily personalize the messages you are sending to your recipients, encouraging them to take a look at them. 

How to find and use message tokens

The currently available message tokens are located in the Design message view, which is the third step in creating and sending a message. 

The tokens can be simply copied by clicking them and pasted to your text wherever they're the most useful. Once in the text, they automatically copy the data in question from the contact and display it in their place in the final message. You can see an example of this in the image below.

You can also add default text inside the token's brackets to be displayed if the data it's trying to use cannot be found. This can happen for example if your contact doesn't have their company's name added to their contact info.

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