Creating reports

Learn how to create a report of your surveys or the overall NPS performance.


Last Update 14 dagen geleden


In this article we will take a look at creating reports Trustmary's Reports tool, which is an informative way to display the results of your surveys. 

Reports can be created within seconds and fine tuned to suit your use case, whatever it may be. You can for example filter your reports by time, survey and other factors, which you can learn more about here. 


First, navigate to the Reports section in the toolbar on the left from your Overview. In the Reports section, locate and click the Create report button on the top right corner of the view. 

In the Create report view, type in a name for your report to distinguish it from other reports. Here you can also select if you want an NPS report or a report based on a specific survey. Lastly, you can select wether you want a customer experience report or an employee experience one. Finally, click Create new to create the report.

After the report has been created, you can see all its data in the report's overview. Here you can also tweak filters and add conditions to your heart's content to get as descriptive of a report as possible.

If you go back one step to the Reports view, you can arrange the reports you've created in folders, copy them, or remove them alltogether.

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