Automatic goal tracking

Start tracking different goals on your site with Trustmary's widgets and the goal tracking feature.


Last Update 7 months ago

Getting started

Start by navigating to the Widgets section from the sidebar. From Widgets, find the Goal tracking button in the top.

At the top of the Goal tracking menu you'll see your tracking code. Copy this from the button on the right to the <head> element of your website to enable the goal tracking. When the script is installed correctly, a green prompt will show up at the top of the Goal Tracking window.

Note: This is the same script that can be found in your account settings and popup widgets. In addition to goal tracking, the script also enables you to use popup widgets on your site.

Adding goals

You can add goals for your tracking with the Create goal button. You have four categories of goals that can be tracked:

  • Form submits – submission made to different forms on your site
  • Click based goals – when a customer clicks a certain element on the site (for example a phone number)
  • URL based goals – when a visitor navigates to a certain URL
  • Custom goals – custom tracking with an additional script

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