Add reviews to any site with Trustmary

The general process of adding reviews to your site with Trustmary


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In this article we'll take a look at how to add reviews to your website with Trustmary on a general level. The basic premise of adding Trustmary's reviews to your site is simply creating a widget, copying its embed code, and pasting the code onto your site. The details of this embedding vary a bit depending on your platform and which plan you have active in Trustmary. 

How to find the embed code

Single-snippet widgets

This applies to the widgets that only have a single script to embed, such as the Review Widget. 

Start by navigating to the Widgets section in Trustmary. In there, select a widget or create a new one.

In the widget editor, click the Add to website button which opens up a window. From there, copy the code snippet with the Copy script button.

Multi-snippet widgets

This applies to the widgets that need a script manually installed into the head section, and/or an embed code. These include popups and some inpage widgets. 

Start by navigating to the Widgets section in Trustmary. In there, select a widget or create a new one. 

Once in the widget editor, select the Add to website tab at the top of the screen. Here you'll find the code snippets needed to embed the widgets; Trustmary Tag for loading the widgets, and Embed code for where to load the widget in question.

Adding the widget to your site

Next, you'll need to copy the code from Trustmary to your website, either straight to the source code, or through your platform's editor. The website platforms (WordPress, Wix, Squearespace, etc.) usually have an element called code, HTML, embed or the like that can run the code. 

Note: With Starter, Business, & Scale plans you'll also need to install the Trustmary Tag script into the head element of your site.

In short, now you can get reviews running on your site with just three simple steps:

  1. Add a suitable element for the code in your website editor (or open the source code)
  2. Paste the code snippet into the element
  3. Save/Publish your page

You can also check our help article collection for platform-specific instructions.

Additionally, if you're using WordPress, we have an official plugin that makes all this very straightforward. Be sure to check out how to install the plugin here.

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