Tips and additional information for the customers' Privacy Policy


Last Update 3 months ago

Disclaimer: These texts contain information on how Trustmary operates from the perspective of the customer privacy policy. These texts are not legal advice, and Trustmary is not responsible for their use by customers or third parties. Trustmary shares this information so that our customers can use it to shape their own privacy policies together with their lawyers.

Trustmary and customer privacy policy – how to explain Trustmary to your own customers

We use Trustmary to collect customer feedback, reviews, and recommendations. Trustmary is a service that helps us better understand our customers through various surveys such as NPS and CSAT, and to use the opinions of our satisfied customers in the form of public reviews in our marketing. Depending on the type of survey, various information about our customers is transferred to Trustmary, where we act as the data controller and Trustmary as the processor. The transferred information may include the customer’s name, phone number, email address, possible organization, customer image, and feedback, review, or recommendation in text or video format. Our customers see and approve the information sent when responding to the survey in Trustmary. Trustmary does not disclose the information or use it for its own purposes contrary to its terms of service. For more information, please refer to Trustmary’s terms of service.

Trustmary and cookies

Trustmary’s widgets collect cookies that track our customers on our website, but not elsewhere online. Cookies are used for anonymous analytics gathering and do not collect personal information.

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