Surveys (developers)


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Surveys are used to collect feedback from contacts or anonymous users.

Survey object


id string

Unique identifier.

type string

Type of survey. Allowed values: customer, employee, embed

count integer

Amount of answers in the survey.

name string

User defined name of the survey.

created_at ISO 8601 with timezone

Time when the object was created.

updated_at ISO 8601 with timezone

Time of last action performed on the object.

deleted_at ISO 8601 with timezone or null

If the object was deleted, time of the last deletion.

Getting Surveys

Body attributes:

type string

Type of surveys to retrieve. Allowed values: customer, employee, embed

offset integer (optional)

By default, you'll only get the first 1000 surveys. When you want the next 1000 surveys, use offset 1000 and so on.


An array of Survey objects.

Getting Surveys

Survey structure that can be used to see which fields represent what in the answers. Fields contains the available fields.

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