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Learn how to start collecting reviews with Trustmary


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In this article we'll quickly go through the first steps of starting to collect reviews & feedback with Trustmary. Check out the rest of our help documentation for more information on how to get the most out of Trustmary.

Start by navigating to and signing up for a free account. You can also check out the other plans on our pricing page while your at it.

Once you've signed in, type in your website domain, and select what to do first (in this case, Collect). Typing your domain will enable Trustmary to automatically fetch your brand colors and logo for the forms you're about to create.

Next, you're directed to the survey template page. You can select any one of the templates, and see its preview on the right. Once you've made your choice, click Create with template.  

You are then directed to the Survey editor, in which you can customize your survey to your heart's content. You can add, remove, and modify questions to apply better to your use case, and for example set the form the close on a schedule.

Once you're ready with your survey form, click the Send survey in the top-right corner.

This opens up a box where you can see all your options for sharing the survey. You can share it via

Select those that suit your use case, and start collecting reviews! 

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