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Last Update 2 maanden geleden

What are rich snippets and how do they work?

Rich snippets are a great way to stand out in Google search, and the Review schema in our review widgets is built exactly for that purpose. This is content that Google highlights in search results next to the actual link to a web page

Trustmary widgets' SEO optimization adds Review schema to the page the widget is added on, thus allowing Google to also show your website reviews on Google results.

You can see an example of this below:

The feature should be on by default, but you can turn it on or off the SEO optimization for your Review widget in the widget editor under Review markup.

You can test after embeding the widget on your site if the review schema is working with Google Rich Result test here:

Note: The star rating being displayed is ultimately up to Google's algorithm, so it might take time to show up, or they won't be displayed at all. Usually, the star rating is displayed after a while, as long as the site has enough traffic.

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