Popup targeting settings

A walkthrough of the settings available in Trustmary's popups.


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Start by navigating to the popup of your choice, and clicking on the Targeting tab in the top of the page. Here you can see all the settings available. By default, all of the toggles are off, and you can see the default setting right next to it. 

Page rules

From the Page rules section you can determine on which pages the popup is shown on your site. You can choose both to include or exclude pages. 

In this example, the popup is set to be shown on all pages at demo.trustmary.io (by using the wildcard symbol '*'), with the exclusion of the /home page.

UTM tags

In this section you can set the popup to be shown to only those visitors that are tracked with a certain UTM tag. Similarly to pages, you can include or exclude UTM tags, and in this use case the popup would be shown to those coming from the "mycampaign" campaign link, but not to those who are coming through Facebook. 


In the Triggers section you can set how the popup triggers. The options here are
  • No automatic activation
    • The popup doesn't activate on its own.
  • Page onLoad
    • The popup is activated when a set time has passed from the loading of the page. In the example below this is 1 second.
  • Page onScroll
    • the popup activates when the user scrolls a set amount of pixels on the site.
  • Exit-intent (mouseleave)
    • The popup is triggered when the user moves their mouse near the address bar or the window's close button.

Display time

In the display time section you can determine how long the popup is visible on the page once triggered. In the case below it would be 25 seconds.

Activate on devices

Here you can select whether the popup should trigger on mobile, desktop, or all devices. By default it will trigger on all devices.

Display frequency

With this setting you can determine when the popup will show itself again. By default it will be displayed once a day, and in the example below after 2 hours.

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