How to log in to Trustmary

Learn how to log in to Trustmary with an email and a one-time password.


Last Update 6 个月前

To log in to Trustmary, you need to have an active plan. Sign up at by following the links or by contacting us for more information!

Logging in

To begin, navigate to the login page and type your registered email into the text field and click Log in. If you have connected a Google account, you can click Login with Google in the bottom of the login screen. 

Next, check your inbox for the email that contains your one-time password. The email will have Trustmary as the sender ([email protected]) and Login to Trustmary as the title.

In the email you will find your six-digit one-time password. You can either copy the password into the login page, or use the Click to log in button in the email. 

Once you have the correct information in the login page, just click Log in and you will be directed to your Trustmary Dashboard. 

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