Importing reviews manually (Excel, csv, etc.)

Learn how to import reviews to Trustmary from an Excel (.xlsx) or .csv spreadsheet.


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Quick steps

  1. Go to Platforms in Trustmary, and select Import manually.
  2. Upload the file or copy review data directly.
  3. Select the correct fields for each column and import.

Start by navigating to Platforms via the navigation bar.

Next, click the Import manually button.

In here you have two options: copy the data from a spreadsheet to the text box or upload a file.

When copying the data, you'll just need to copy the lines from your spreadsheet, and paste them directly to the text box. The import automatically recognizes how the data is separated, and should identify the columns. If this is not the case, you can separate the data points on each line with for example a comma.

Your other options is to upload a file directly to Trustmary. In this case, make sure all the data is arranged in their own columns (for example email and name in their own columns). 

After uploading the file, the next step is to to specify the data types of the columns on your spreadsheet (e.g. reviewer's name, the review itself, NPS, etc.).

Once you've selected data types for all the columns, check that everything looks right in the Preview field, and click Import x reviews

After the import is done, you'll see a page that tells you how many reviews were created, and a link to show these reviews.

Importing date & time

You can also add date and time to your review import to use in your public reviews. Note that in an Excel file (.xlsx) the column should be formatted as Date in Excel.

In a .csv-file the date should follow the ISO format, from which you can see an example below:

You can also override the date in the file import flow in Trustmary, by checking the checkbox and selecting a date. 

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