Importing reviews from Facebook

Importing your Facebook reviews to Trustmary.


Last Update 2 months ago

Quick steps

  1. Make sure your Facebook account has access to the page you're importing reviews from.
  2. Go to Platforms in Trustmary, and select Facebook.
  3. Connect the platform by following the prompts, and import reviews.

Start importing reviews by navigating to the Platforms section from the navigation bar on the left. 

Connecting the platform

In the platforms section select Facebook, and from the drawer that opens, click on Connect to Facebook

Follow the prompts on the popup to connect your Facebook page to Trustmary.

Wrapping up

With the paid plans, Trustmary will update the reviews for you from Facebook once a day or whenever you click the Import reviews now button. In our free plan the reviews are only imported as a one-off when connecting the review platform, meaning the import happens only once.

Note that the initial review import can take a couple of minutes depending on the amount of reviews. The import only brings in the reviews themselves, not the answers to those reviews.

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