HubSpot Native integration to Trustmary

A step-by-step walkthrough on how to integrate HubSpot natively with Trustmary.


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Note: You'll need the HubSpot Workflows feature to set up this integration.


In this article we guide you through the steps needed to connect Trustmary with HubSpot via our native integration. The guide consists of a set of simple steps with screencaptures to make the integration process as easy as possible for you.

Integrating HubSpot to Trustmary opens up possibilities to for example include the NPS gathered with Trustmary to your HubSpot contacts, or to automatically send out feedback surveys to certain HubSpot contacts.

To include this data, the integration creates these custom fields in HubSpot:

  • Trustmary: NPS
  • Trustmary: Feedback
  • Trustmary: Comment
  • Trustmary: Answer URL 

Step-by-step guide

1. Go to the HubSpot App Marketplace and install the Trustmary app

You can find the Trustmary app page in the Marketplace with the link here.

After clicking Install in the marketplace, you will be redirected to a page where you can select the account you want the app to be installed to.

2. Connect the Trustmary app to Hubspot

Select the account you wish to connect to. Note that you might need to log in before this step, if you haven't already.

After selecting an account, click on Connect app to complete the installation.

3. Create a workflow in HubSpot

Next, navigate to Workflows in HubSpot and select Create Workflow. From the drop-down menu, select From scratch.

4. Set up the workflow

Select Contact-based on the left. Then, select Blank workflow in the middle and move to the next screen by clicking Next.

5. Add a workflow step

Click on the plus sign under the trigger section. No need to set up any triggers right now.

6. Scroll down or search and select Connect to Trustmary

7. Retrieve the API key from Trustmary

Jump back to Trustmary, click on your profile picture on the top-right and select Settings in the drop-down menu.

8. Open the Developers tab and create an API key

Once in the settings, click on the Developers tab. Then, click Add new on the API keys section. 

9. Name, Save, and Copy the API key.

Click Save once you're ready to generate the API key. You will only see the key once, so make sure it is copied.

10. Insert the API key into the Connect to Trustmary field in HubSpot

Remember to click Save near the bottom when you're done.

11. Review, publish and Turn on the workflow

From the top-right corner click on the Review and publish button. And after that you can turn on the workflow by clicking Turn on

12. Test the connection with a contact

Start by clicking Enroll in the top-right, under the On/Off button. From there, select Manually enroll contacts, then Choose individual contacts, and search for a test contact. Finally click Enroll in the bottom of the drawer.

You can verify the enrollment by clicking the Details button in the workflow editor.

Optional: Set the questions that send data back to HubSpot

This step is for moving data collected with the surveys back to your HubSpot contacts. You'll need to map the survey questions to fields in HubSpot. Open up the survey and select the Integrations tab. You should now see the survey's fields that can be plugged back into HubSpot when you receive answers. 

13. Create another workflow, this time for sending contacts to Trustmary

Start by creating a new workflow, similarly to the first one (check steps 3 & 4 if needed). Next, add a workflow step by clicking the plus icon.

14. Select and configure the action

Scroll down to the bottom or search for Trustmary in the drawer. Select Add to a list in Trustmary, and select which list you'd like to use (note that you need to have lists created beforehand). Then just click Save on the bottom, and your step is configured.

15. Set up the triggers by clicking "Set up triggers" 

15.1 Specify the triggers you want to use

This step varies depending on your business case. Select a trigger that applies to yours (for example "Deal stage is won"). You can also add multiple conditions to the trigger.

15.2 Choose if contacts can be re-enrolled

Click on the Re-enrollment tab, and check the box if you'd like contacts to be enrolled more than once. This can be handy if you for example get multiple purchases from the same customer.

After the conditions are done, click on Test contact to test the trigger. Note that you'll need a contact that actually meets the criteria you've chosen. 

After testing from HubSpot, it is smart to check the contact list you selected before from Trustmary to se verify that the contacts came through.

16. Review and turn on the workflow 

Click on the Review and publish button in the top-right of the editor.

In the review screen, select whether you want to enroll existing contacts which meet the criteria too, or only new contacts which meet the criteria. If you select existing contacts, all the contacts that meet the set criteria will be sent to Trustmary.

After you've reviewed the workflow, click Turn on to start it.

17. Test the workflow with a contact

Click Enroll in the top-right corner like you did with the previous workflow. Select Manually enroll contacts, then Choose individual contacts, and search for a test contact. Finally click Enroll in the bottom of the drawer. 

After this, check the contact arrived on the list in Trustmary.

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