You can customise how the Review Widget looks with CSS via our Custom CSS feature. To get started, open a widget made with the Review Widget template or create one in the Widgets section.

Once the widget is open, navigate to the Custom CSS section in the widget editor. Here you have a text box into which you can type your CSS.

Here's an example on how some CSS removing the border radius from the review cards would look like:

.tm-card {
border-radius: 0;

Full list of selectors

Here's a list of all the CSS selectors available for the Review Widget template with explanations.



Wrapper element for cards


Extra class for video card wrapper


Card element


Element for card top


Wrapper element for review stars


Relative time from the review creation


Element to fill space


Wrapper element for review source icon


Element for review source icon


Wrapper element for text review


Wrapper element for card bottom


Wrapper element for avatar


Wrapper element for person name and info


Wrapper element for info in name first card template


Wrapper element for top & review in chat bubble card template

Text review


Wrapper for text review


Inner container for text review content


Wrapper for show more text in text review

Video review


Extra class for .tm-card in video reviews with text reviews


Wrapper element for video review


Video review


Player wrapper for video review


Main video element for video review


Preview video element for video review


Wrapper for video review content


Wrapper for stars in video review


Wrapper for play/pause icon


Person info in video review



Wrapper element for list template



Wrapper element for masonry



Wrapper element for carousel



Wrapper element for wall


Track of items in wall template

Overall score


Wrapper element for overall score


Inner element for overall score


Wrapper element for overall score stars and review count


Wrapper element for overall score review link/cta


Button element for overall score review link/cta



Wrapper element for pagination


Link element to load more items



H2 title element of widget

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