In many cases, the problem originates from the selected Pipedrive filter and Pipedrive's logic in how to treat the different data types in the filters. When combined with the trigger Update contact on list, the integration and automation might cause messages to be sent to customers multiple times.

Pipedrive integration and filter settings

To start troubleshooting this, go to, or open the integration settings via the three-dot menu in a deal. From there, open the automation that isn't working correctly.

Check that the automation is using Filters and not Stages (this article is only applicable to filters). Next, check which filter type is in use.

In this case, we have a Deal filter selected. Deal filters (and Person filters for that matter) treat contacts a bit differently to for example Activity filters, which might cause contacts to be sent to Trustmary at the wrong time (and therefore triggering Trustmary Automations unexpectedly).

The solution to this is to copy the same exact conditions from the Deal filter...

...into a new filter based on an Activity. You can verify the filter finds all the right things once you've saved it with the same settings as the one before.

Trustmary Automation settings

Navigate to Automations in Trustmary, and open up the automation in question.

Check which trigger type you have selected. The one causing trouble with certain Pipedrive filters is Update contact on list. Consider changing this to Add contact to list in these cases, if you can.

Note: If you've already fixed the filter in the problematic automation flow, the trigger will probably not cause problems.

If you have a reminder message set, you can also check the interval set into that for any problems. If a reminder is sent too soon, it might be mistaken as a duplicate contact triggering the automation too frequently.

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