Creating a form

Start creating a testimonial form by navigating to Forms and then clicking on the Create survey button on the top right.

This opens up the template selection screen. Here you have templates for gathering text or video testimonials, or both with the same form. You can select the language of the forms by clicking the drop-down menu above the templates. Once you're done with that, click Create with template to create the form.

If you already have a form and want to reuse its customizations, navigate to the Copy survey tab on the top and select the form you would like to use.


The form editor's main points of interest are

  1. the navigation bar on the left, where you can set the visuals, translations, and general settings of your form.

  2. the form preview in the center, where you can see your form and modify the testimonial question.

  3. the tabs at the top, where you can jump between the editor and the form sharing options.

As you open a form, you're directed to the Questions tab, in which you can see your form and edit its questions.

From the Collect responses tab you can find all the ways to share your form. In Solo, these include the plain URL, QR code, and embedding the form to your website.

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