Getting the embed code

Start by navigating to the Widgets section in Trustmary. In there, select a widget or create a new one.

Once in the widget editor, select the Add to website tab at the top of the screen. Here you'll find the code snippets needed to embed the widgets.

What to do with the snippets?

Note, that there are two snippets of code that serve different purposes.

The first snippet, Trustmary tag, is a global script which enables the loading of the widgets. This script needs to be installed once, either with Google Tag Manager or inside the <head> tag of a website. We recommend installing the script with Tag Manager, as scripts installed like this are activated more reliably and with less interference to other components of a site. For the installation process, check out our guide.

The second snippet is the embed code itself, and is only found on the non-popup types of embeds. This snippet loads for example a testimonial display widget into where it is placed on the site.


To recap, both of the two code snippets can be found under any widget, in the Rules tab.

Both of the snippets need to be installed; The Trustmary tag snippet only once either in the <head> tag on a site, or with Google Tag Manager, and the embed code on the site where you want the widget to appear.

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