In this article we guide you through the steps needed to connect Trustmary with Pipedrive via our native integration. The guide consists of a set of simple steps with screencaptures to make the integration process as easy as possible.

The integration

1. Go to Pipedrive marketplace, search for Trustmary and go to the Trustmary pipedrive app page (alternatively use direct link here)

2. Click Install now

3. Connect Trustmary to your Pipedrive

3.1 If you don't get automatically redirected to Trustmary's Pipedrive app after connecting, complete the steps below:

  • Go to deals

  • Go to any deal you have in pipedrive

  • Click on the top right three dots (...) in deal

  • Click "Trustmary settings"

4. After you have been redirected to Trustmary pipedrive app, click "Settings"

5. Next lets get you Pipedrive API-key - Click on the top right (avatar) in Pipedrive and go to "Personal preferences"

6. Click on API

7. Copy your personal API token, by clicking "Copy"

8. Add the API-key to the Trustmary Pipedrive app settings

9. Next, let's get you Trustmary's API key - Go to, log in and click Settings from the top right

10. Click "Developers"

11. Click "Add New" to add new API-key

12. Name the API-key

13. Copy the API-key

14. Go back to Trustmary Pipedrive integration and paste the API-key to the correct field

14. Check the box and click Save

15. Click on "Automations" on the top left

16. Create your first automation by clicking "Create new automation"

With automations you can specify the triggers you want to use to move contact information to Trustmary.

NPS, Public recommendation and feedback will sync back to Pipedrive from Trustmary automatically.

17. When creating new automations, you can choose whether you want to "Use stages" or "Use filters" as a trigger for the automation

If you choose to use stages, you can choose deal stage, which will move contact connected to deal to Trustmary.

And after that you can choose to which list you want the information to be moved.

If you choose to use filters you can choose what type of filter you want to use.

After that you can choose the filter itself you want to use (these can vary depending on the type of the filter).

And then you just choose into which list you want the information to be moved.

18. When you have specified the triggers you want to use, save your automation by clicking "Save"

Now the contact information will be moved into Trustmary to the list you have selected.

Extra: Editing your automation

Here you can turn the automation off by clicking the toggle on the left of the automation. And then turn it back on by clicking the same button.

You can also edit the automation by clicking "OPEN".

Or remove it by clicking the trash bin icon.

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