Getting started

Start by navigating to Reviews via the navigation bar. In reviews, click on the Import button in the top right of the section.

Finding the URL & importing

In the Review import section, click the Add button under Yelp reviews.

In the next window, paste in your Yelp page's link.

For Yelp reviews, you will also need to select the Review language. This means only the reviews with the specified language will be imported. If you would like to import reviews in multiple languages, you can do the process again with a different language selected.

After you have found the right URL, just paste it into the text field, select a language, and click Save to start the import.

Wrapping up

After this, Trustmary will update the reviews for you from Yelp once a day, or whenever you click the Fetch reviews button. Note that the initial review import can take a couple of minutes depending on the amount of reviews.

If the button turns red and is unable to fetch the reviews, just click on it again to retry the import.

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