Contact lists are an easy way to contact your customer base through Trustmary. Importing your existing contacts with a spreadsheet (.xlsx or .csv file) in turn simplifies creating lists a lot.

But sometimes the upload doesn't go as planned, and here we'll give you tips that could help you with your troubles.

Checking the spreadsheet

The most common problems arise from the spreadsheet and its formatting. The importing tool requires the spreadsheet's data types to be formatted into columns. For example, all the email addresses should be in one column and names in another (Trustmary can process first and last names automatically). The identifying data type in Contacts is email, which means you will need at least that to create a contact in Trustmary.

Don't worry if you have a header row in the spreadsheet, as that will also get processed automatically. To make sure things go as smooth as possible, you should also check the spreadsheet for empty rows and remove them if possible.

Here's an example how the spreadsheet could look like:

Other things

Sometimes your login session can time out without a distinct notification. This can manifest in many ways, for example via a red error message near the top of the screen. In these cases, a simple refreshing of the page (Windows: F5, Mac: Cmd + R) usually does the trick, but sometimes you'll need to log in again.

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