This article will walk you through Trustmary's embed tool. With this tool you can embed reviews that you have gotten via Facebook, Google or Trustmary to your website. Displaying testimonials from satisfied customers can in turn drive up sales.

Creating an embed

Start by navigating to Embeds from the navigation bard on the left. In here, click the New embed code button to create a new embed.

In the flow that opens after this, you can quickly configure the basic settings of the embed to get it up and running. These include things such as which surveys are used, the template for the embed, and the amount of reviews shown. And don't worry, you can change all these later.

When you're done, click Create an embedding to get the embed code and further customize the embedding.

Customizing the embed

Once on the embeds page, you can customize the embed to your liking by navigating to the Edit section. Near the top you can see shortcuts for the different customization sections. Below those, you have the customization menus and a preview of your widget.

For a complete walkthrough of the customization options, see our article on customizing embeds.

Publish the embed on your website

The embed can be published on your site simply by copying the code from Trustmary and pasting it into the source code of your website.

Though in many cases, modern CMS's and eCommerce platforms have visual editors, which means you don't have to touch the site's code at all. In these cases the embed code is usually pasted into an element called HTML, custom code or something similar.

Additionally, if the platform supports embedding external websites by link, the testimonial embed can be embedded with just a link.

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