Start by navigating to the Reviews section from the navigation bar on the left.

In the Reviews section, you'll find all the public testimonials (reviews) you have gathered from your customers. By using the filters on the left, you can view only those reviews that meet your criteria.

Testimonial cards

Each review is presented on a card that contains all the information about the review. Near the top you can see the NPS rating the customer has given, when the review was given, and where the review came from (Trustmary, Google or Facebook).

In the middle of the review you can find the testimonial itself, with the information of the respondee and survey. Below the respondee information you can add Tags to the review. You can learn how to use tags in the help article on the subject.

Finally, on the bottom edge of the card you have the options to publish (or unpublish) the testimonial, share it on social media, or remove it.

Importing and creating reviews

As mentioned above, you can import reviews from Facebook or Google in addition to gathering them with Trustmary. This is done by first clicking on the Settings button on the Reviews page and selecting which service to use. More info on importing reviews can be found in a separate article.

Additionally, reviews can also be created manually if for example they are not in a form that can automically be imported. This can be done by clicking Create new on the Reviews page and filling in the information.

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