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Creating a survey

To create a new survey, navigate to Surveys on the blue navigation pane on the left and click Create survey either under Customer experience or Employee experience, depending on the use case.

Preview and templates

After this you're greeted with the survey editor's preview page. The page is divided into two sections; the survey template selection on the left and survey preview on the right.

On the left, you can choose a template for the survey or copy from an existing survey. You can also choose the language of the template by using the drop-down list near the top.

On the right side, you can see the preview of your survey. When you are satisfied with the structure of your survey, you can start editing it by clicking Create with template.

Alternatively, you could click Start from scratch on the bottom left, which gives you a blank survey to work on, but we recommend using Trustmary's templates to make things a bit more simple.

Survey editor

The key navigations in the survey editor are

  1. the navigation bar on the left and its accompanying selection pane right beside it

  2. the question and page view that takes up most of the screen

  3. the Questions, Collect Responses, Integrations and Results tabs on the top

Here you can also give your survey a more informative name, by clicking the default name (e.g. Customer survey for service) on the top left next to the back button. This can help you distinguish between multiple surveys later on.

For a more in-depth look at the survey editor and all its features, take a look at the Creating surveys article.

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