The settings page contains most of the organizations customizations and important information, for example the privacy policy and theme colours, both of which are automatically copied across your surveys.

To get into your organization's settings, click on your profile in the top right corner to open the drop-down menu. From there, click Settings.

Settings page

Navigating through the settings page can be done with the tabs that are shown below the heading.

Basic settings

The default page which opens after you enter the settings contains the most basic (and to some degree, most important) information. Here you can set for example your company info and privacy policy.

The privacy policy is especially important, as it is automatically shown in your surveys when collecting testimonials and personal information.


Under the Users tab you can add or remove users from your organisation, and assign them to roles (User or Owner). The main difference between these roles is that only Owners can access the settings of the organisation.


In the email tab, you can assign a sender addresses and names. This is the address your recipients will see as the sender when sending a survey through Messages in Trustmary. This ensures that your recipients react to the email, and makes it less likely for the email to be labeled as spam. By default the sender will be [email protected].


From the theme tab you can set a font, choose colours, and select a style for your surveys. These settings are copied universally to all your new surveys to make it a bit easier to have your surveys match your branding.

In the Automate and Pro plans it is also possible to hide Trustmary's branding on the widgets.


The developers tab is where you can create and copy API keys and webhooks for integrating Trustmary into your other software. Note that the API key is only visible when you create it, so make sure you copy it somewhere safe!

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