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Surveys (developers)
Surveys (developers)
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Surveys are used to collect feedback from contacts or anonymous users.

Survey object


id string
Unique identifier.

type string

Type of survey. Allowed values: customer, employee, embed

count integer
Amount of answers in the survey.

name string
User defined name of the survey.

created_at ISO 8601 with timezone
Time when the object was created.

updated_at ISO 8601 with timezone
Time of last action performed on the object.

deleted_at ISO 8601 with timezone or null
If the object was deleted, time of the last deletion.

"id": "kcSBv12f",
"type": "customer",
"count": 175,
"name": "Customer survey",
"created_at": "2021-03-26T13:13:19.972Z",
"updated_at": "2021-04-19T19:57:31.122Z",
"deleted_at": null

Getting Surveys

GET /surveys

Body attributes:

type string
Type of surveys to retrieve. Allowed values: customer, employee, embed

offset integer (optional)
By default, you'll only get the first 1000 surveys. When you want the next 1000 surveys, use offset 1000 and so on.

"type": "customer"


An array of Survey objects.

Getting Surveys

GET /survey/:survey_id

Survey structure that can be used to see which fields represent what in the answers. Fields contains the available fields.


"id": "ack1fc9cx",
"name": "SaaS product NPS",
"organization_id": "masc1XO6",
"type": "customer",
"status": "open",
"fields": [
"name": "nps",
"webhook_name": "nps",
"type": "nps",
"label": "How likely are you to recommend our online service to a friend or colleague?"
"name": "feedback",
"webhook_name": "feedback",
"type": "comment",
"label": "What is the primary reason for your score?"
"name": "comment",
"webhook_name": "comment",
"type": "comment",
"label": "Can we publish your feedback on our website and social media?",
"description": "You can edit your public comment here."
"name": "noPublicConsent",
"webhook_name": "noPublicConsent",
"type": "checkbox",
"label": "I don't want to publish my feedback"
"name": "custom.l7-TsIClE",
"webhook_name": "question_l7-TsIClE",
"type": "content",
"label": "Thanks and review"

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