When installing popups, you will also need a Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics accounts, which can be created and accessed from Tagmanager.google.com and analytics.google.com respectively. If you have questions regarding Google Tag Manager or Google Analytics, please consult the Google Support page.

Embedding testimonials and surveys to your Joomla site

Trustmary's testimonials or surveys can be embedded to a Joomla website can be done with very little effort. The most important thing is to change your editor in Joomla's settings, as the default TinyMCE editor removes parts of the embed code, preventing it from working properly. After another editor is chosen, the code can just be pasted in.

For a complete walkthrough of the embedding procedure (including changing the editor), see our guide about embeds in Joomla.

Installing popups

Installing Google Tag Manager on Joomla

Installing Google Tag Manager onto Joomla can be done by either editing the template file of your page, or by installing an extension. Both ways have their pro's and con's; the extension adds to the load time of the page but is easier, while editing the template file requires experience of web development but is easier on the load times.

For more detailed instructions on how this integration happens, check out Joomla's documentation on the topic.

Installing popups with Google Tag Manager

We recommend using Google Tag Manager to install the Trustmary popup script, as this helps ensure the popup is always shown to visitors. For more information on the installation process, check out our installation guide.

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