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Installing popup widgets to WordPress
Installing popup widgets to WordPress
Installing a popup from Trustmary to your website by using WordPress' default editor.
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Installing widgets with the Trustmary plugin

Installing with your script and embed code

First, you need to find the popup script. Start by navigating to the Widgets section in Trustmary, and selecting a popup. If you don't have a popup yet, click on Create new to start creating one.

Now that you're in the widget editor, go to the Add to website tab and and copy the code snippet under Trustmary tag by clicking on it.

Now you're ready to install the code!

Installing script directly to WordPress

The most simple way of installing the widget script onto your WordPress site, is through the WPCode plugin. For instructions on how to install plugins, see the video below.

After the plugin is installed, simply paste the Trustmary tag you've retrieved from the app into the Header text box in the plugin settings and click Save changes.

Installing script with Google Tag Manager

Alternatively, you can install the script through Google Tag Manager. In fact, we recommend this approach, as the popups trigger more reliably when installed in this manner.

Follow our guide here on how to install the script.

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