To use this type of integration, you will need a Zapier account. For sign up and log in, visit If you have questions regarding Zapier itself, please consult the Zapier help documentation page.

About Zapier integrations

In this guide, we will be taking a look at integrating Visual Visitor and Trustmary via Zapier. Before you start creating integrations with Zapier, we recommend you take a look at our general Zapier integration guide to learn how the basic process of integrating your apps works with Zapier.

Trigger events (from Visual Visitor to Trustmary)

Having Visual Visitor as the trigger in Zapier enables you to transfer data from Visual Visitor to Trustmary. When using Visual Visitor as the trigger in Zapier, you will have access to trigger events that can be used to launch the set functions. The full list of triggers can be found below.

trustmary integrations

Action events (from Trustmary to Visual Visitor)

Currently there are no action events available for Visual Visitor in Zapier.

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