To use some of the integrations detailed in this article, you will need a Zapier account. For sign up and log in, visit If you have questions regarding Zapier itself, please consult the Zapier help documentation page.

If you're installing popups, you will also need a Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics accounts, which can be created and accessed from and respectively. If you have questions regarding Google Tag Manager or Google Analytics, please consult the Google Support page.

Embedding testimonials and surveys to your WooCommerce site

Embedding testimonials or surveys from Trustmary to your WooCommerce website is straightforward and basically follows the same steps as WordPress.

To learn more about the embedding procedure, take a look at our guide about embeds in WordPress.

Embedding to a Thank You page

You can also embed a survey or reviews onto a order confirmation or Thank You page. Instructions for this can be found in WooCommerce's help articles. Please note, that the custom thank you page is a premium (paid) extension.

Installing Google Tag Manager on WooCommerce

Google Tag Manager is installed onto WooCommerce with the official Google Tag Manager extension. For a more extensive guide on the installation process, please refer to WooCommerce's help article. Note that there is also a free version of the aformentioned extension.

Zapier integrations

In this guide, we will be taking a look at some basic concepts of integrating WooCommerce and Trustmary via Zapier. Before you start creating integrations with Zapier, we recommend you take a look at our general Zapier integration guide to learn how the basic process of integrating your apps works with Zapier.

Note: You'll need to purchase WooCommerce's Zapier plugin to use Zapier integrations. You'll also need to create an Application Password from WooCommerce/WordPress to connect WooCommerce to Zapier when setting up a workflow.

Trigger events (from WooCommerce to Trustmary)

Having WooCommerce as the trigger in Zapier enables you to transfer data from WooCommerce to Trustmary. When using WooCommerce as the trigger in Zapier, you will have access to several trigger events that can be used to launch the set functions. The trigger events include for example, Order, Product and Customer. The full list of the triggers can be found below.

Action events (from Trustmary to WooCommerce)

Having WooCommerce as the action in Zapier enables you to transfer data from Trustmary to WooCommerce. When using WooCommerce as the action in Zapier, you will have access to several action events that can be set for the app to perform when triggered. The action events include for example, Create Coupon, Create Subscription and several different Searches. The full list of the actions can be found below.

After the action event (and account) are all set, the action can be set up further by selecting the matching data points into the fields displayed in Zapier. The fields can be a bit different depending on which action event is selected, but the basic principles apply in all circumstances.

Zapier template: Create/update Trustmary contacts from new WooCommerce orders

The most simple way of creating or updating Trustmary contacts when new deals appear in WooCommerce is by using our Zapier template designed specifically for this. This template has most things already configured to make the setup a bit easier.

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