Getting started

To create a new survey, navigate to Surveys on the navigation pane on the left and click Create survey either under Customer or Employee, depending on the use case.

Preview and templates

After this you're greeted with the survey editor's preview page. On the left, you can choose a template for the survey or copy from an existing survey. You can also choose the language of the template by using the drop-down list near the top.

On the right side, you can see the preview of your survey template. When you are satisfied with the structure of your survey, you can start editing it by clicking Create with template.

Alternatively, you could click Start from scratch on the bottom left, which gives you a blank survey to work on, but we recommend using Trustmary's templates to make things a bit more simple.

Survey editor

The key navigations in the survey editor are

  1. the navigation bar on the left and its accompanying selection pane right beside it

  2. the survey preview that takes up most of the screen

  3. the Questions, Collect Responses, Integrations and Results tabs on the top

Here you can also give your survey a more informative name, by clicking the default name (e.g. Customer survey for service) on the top left next to the back button. This can help you distinguish between multiple surveys later on.

Questions tab

The items in the navigation bar on the left are

  1. Add question

    In here, you can choose different types of questions to include in your survey. You can drag and drop items from the selection pane onto pages on the survey or create a new page for the question by dragging and dropping it onto a plus sign between pages.

  2. Conditions

    Conditions are essentially "rules" that customize the survey depending on how the receiver answers the questions. The most common use cases for conditions are to show a certain page only when the receiver gives a high enough score to a previous question.

  3. Theme

    In the theme section you can edit the appearance of your survey. Among other things, you can set the colours of the survey, upload your company's logo and select a specific font.

  4. Language

    Here, you can choose the language of your survey. You can add more languages by clicking Add language in the selection pane, and remove them by clicking on the recycle bin icon on the right side of the chosen language. Note, that the topmost language is made the default. You can change this by dragging and dropping a language to the desired spot by grabbing the icon with three lines on the left of the language.

    If you would like to edit the translations within the chosen language, click on the language in the selection pane. This opens a window in which you can customize the translations.

    If the language you're looking for is not one of the included (English, German, French, Swedish, Finnish or Estonian), you can create your own translations with your desired language. This is done by clicking on the Add language button and selecting Create language in the drop-down menu.

  5. Settings

    In settings, you can configure the survey's functionality even more. Among other things, you can open or close the survey, enable scheduled closing, enable e-mail notifications, and even remove the survey if you want to start over.

While in the questions tab, the survey preview is always visible. You can also edit questions or pages to your liking here, by clicking on the actions above each page or question.

Collect responses tab

The collect responses tab contains methods to distribute your survey and collect reviews. The first two options, URL adress and QR code, are for direct link sharing by any means you would like to use. By clicking Copy in the URL section, you can copy the URL of your survey to your clipboard and paste it wherever you need to. The same logic applies with the QR code section, where you can download the code as an image file by clicking Download image.

In the E-mail section, you can send the survey to a contact list that you have imported into Trustmary. This is done by first clicking on the Send survey button and proceeding to the Create new message view. More about creating and sending messages in our Messages article. Below the E-mail section you can see an overview of the messages you have sent.

The Embed first question to email section gives you options to embed your survey's first question into an e-mail or a signature in an e-mail. You can copy the HTML-code by clicking Copy to signature or Copy under the code snippet or by manually copying it.

Lastly, Trustmary gives you an option to embed the survey onto a website in the Embed to website section. You can copy the embed code by clicking the Copy button under the code snippet or copying it manually. You can then paste the snippet where you would like the survey to appear on your site.

Results tab

The results tab is where you can see all the data the survey has gathered. The main navigations under this tab are

  1. Results

    The results tab shows you an overview of your surveys' performance with data points like the most recent reviews, the NPS score, total survey link clicks and total survey links opened within the current time period. You can change the time periods you would like to view with the according buttons above the data.

  2. Reviews

    This is where all the reviews the survey has gathered are presented. You can sort through the reviews by changing the parameters in the menus at the top. You can also search reviews via text. Individual reviews can be published or withdrawn by clicking on the Public button in the lower left side of the review.

  3. Responses

    The responses view gives you a more detailed look at the reviews and the responses within. Similarly to the previous section, you can sort the reviews by selecting parameters you want at the top. If you would like to use your response data in another application (Excel or Sheets, for example), you can export the responses as an .xlsx file with the Export data button on the lower right of the top section.

  4. Respondees

    In the respondees tab you can see all the contacts that you have sent the survey to directly with Trustmary. Once you have responses from your contacts they will be visible on their respective rows. In addition to the name and e-mail of the respondee, you can see the score they gave, their status (sent, opened, answered) and the time and date they were invited to answer to the survey.

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