In this guide, we're taking a look at A/B testing inpage embeds through Google Optimize. To get started you should already have a Trustmary embed on your website, have a Google Optimize account which can be made at and the Google Optimize script should already be added onto your webpage.

1. First up, go to and login to the relevant Container and click "Create experience".

2. Name your experince, write the URL which has the Trustmary embed and choose A/B test

3. If you have not connected your Google Analytics yet, connect it on the section "Measurement and objectives" and choose a conversion which you want to optimize (you can use conversions from the Google Analytics account you chose by using the "Choose from list"). If you have already connected Google Analytics, you can just choose a conversion.

4. Click "add variant" and name the variation

5. Click "edit" for the variant and Google Optimize will open your page

6. Then choose the element or section that has the Trustmary embed and click "Edit element"

6. Choose "remove" from the list and you will remove the chosen section or element that has the Trustmary embed from the variant

7. Click "save" and "finished" from the top right corner and you will be redirected back to Google Optimize
8. Now just click "Start" from the top right corner and you should have A/B test for the inpage embed running

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