You can enable video reviews in your survey by navigating to Settings in the survey page.

You can find the video reviews (video comments) toggle under Additional features on the bottom of the page.

Remember to click Save before leaving Settings.

Gathering video reviews on surveys

There are two ways to gather video reviews from surveys:

  1. Gathering text reviews and asking for a video review after the text review

  2. Gathering only video reviews

You can choose between these two ways by navigating to the questions page and clicking Review/Video comment as seen on the picture below:

After clicking Review/Video comment you will see a modal that has two Review type options: Text review and Video review. If you choose Text review, you can gather video reviews after text reviews by toggling on: "Ask answerer to record a video after text comment". If you choose Video review, you will gather only video reviews.

Limitations of video reviews

  1. Video reviews have a maximum file size of 200Mb which allows the user to record 5-6 minutes long videos depending on the video quality.

  2. Video reviews don't work if the survey is embedded to your website

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