Which language does the user see?

When you have multiple languages in a survey we will try to show the questions in the users' languages. The user's browser will tell us which is their preferred language, and if that language is selected in the Available language it is shown in that language. Otherwise, the survey will be shown the Main language.

The user can always select their desired language from the Available languages menu. Note that some languages only have rudimentary translations, and if you customize the questions, you will have to add translations for each language you are enabling.

Preselecting a language

You can override the browsers preferred language by preselecting the language for the user by modifying the survey link.

Append to the survey link ?lang=[preferred_lang_code] (e.g. https://nps.trustmary.com/abc123?lang=de)

Available languages and their language codes are:

  • English = en

  • Finnish = fi

  • Swedish = se

  • German = de

  • Spanish = es

  • French = fr

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