Adding reviews from other services can be done by navigating to the Reviews section from the navigation bar on the left. On the reviews page you can access the reviews by clicking the Import button as seen in the image below.

Google reviews

In the Review import section, click Import from Google and enter your credentials. After you have logged in with your Google account that is linked to a Google MyBusiness account, you want to connect to your Trustmary account and retrieve the reviews.

After this, Trustmary will update the reviews for you from Google once a day or whenever you click the Fetch reviews button. The initial review importing can take a couple of minutes.

Facebook reviews

In the Review import, click Import from Facebook and choose to continue with the account that has admin rights to the page you want to connect with.

After this, choose the page you want to connect with from the view that can be seen in the image below.

Next, Facebook asks the for rights to "Read user content on page". This needs to be allowed for the connection to work. Click Done after this. Then click OK and you should be redirected back to Trustmary.

Now just choose the page, click Save and the reviews should show up inside the app. Trustmary will retrieve new reviews once a day from Facebook or whenever you click Fetch reviews.

G2, Capterra, Tripadvisor, Yelp, and Trustpilot reviews

In the Review import section, first click the Add button under the service you want to import reviews from.

Then, paste the URL from which you want to to import the reviews into the Address text field, and click Save. The initial review importing can take a couple of minutes.

Importing from a spreadsheet

Start by navigating to Reviews via the navigation bar. In reviews, click on the Import button in the top right of the section.

Next, click the Import from file button at the bottom of the page.

This opens up a file import flow, in which you can either copy data from a spreadsheet or upload a file for automatic processing. Whichever you choose, in the next step you will need to specify the data types of the columns on your spreadsheet (e.g. reviewer's name, the review itself, etc.).

Once you've selected data types for all the columns, check that everything looks right in the Preview field, and click Import x reviews.

After the import is done, you'll see a page that tells you how many reviews were created, and a link to show these reviews.

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