Creating a survey

You can start creating a new survey by navigating from the menu on the left to "Surveys" and clicking "Create survey".

After this, you can decide on if you want to create a customer experience survey or an employee survey and if you want to use a template, copy an existing survey or start from scratch with your survey. After this, you can select a survey language or select multilanguage survey if you want to customize it to several languages. You can also activate the video comment feature here, or later from the options.

After clicking the "Create survey" button, you should land on a survey page like the one in the image below.

The most important navigations on the survey page are:

  1. Questions - where you can customize the survey questions and logic in the survey.

  2. Collect - here you can find a link to your survey, possibilities of sending the survey to a customer list and embed code for the survey.

  3. Responses - where you can find all the responses for the surveys.

  4. Reviews - under the reviews section you can find all the reviews that can be used in your marketing (customer has given consent to use these in your marketing).

  5. Settings - where you can edit the survey name, heading of the survey, logo, languages, privacy policy URL and additional features

1. Questions

Under the questions menu you will see the view that is shown in the image below. It will have the default questions based on the template you have used.

You can add questions to the survey by clicking the "Add question" button, in it you will find the options that can also be seen below.

On each question and each page you can also find "Conditions" which you can use in your survey. You can access this by clicking the survey name or by clicking the Cogwheel of the page you want to be shown only after certain conditions.

The most common use cases for conditions are for example to show a page only, if the person answers 9 or 10 to a question. This could be done as seen on example below:

You can also see in the picture the option to change the submit button text for different pages and webhook field. With the webhook field you can drive information from the survey to zapier and from there to pretty much any service you like, including email notifications and most marketing automation tools and CRMs. You can read more about Zapier webhooks here!

As the last thing on the survey there is a "thank you page", which you can edit in similar ways as all the surveys.

2. Collect

Under the collect menu you can find all the options for survey distribution: URL address directly to survey, QR code, sending survey to a contact list and embedding to a website.

Usually the easiest and fastest way to collect responses is to just take the survey link and add it on to your newsletter or marketing automation for your existing customers. QR codes are usually used for local businesses and in some cases for ecommerce inside the delivered package.

Emailing the survey through Trustmary's tool opens up new features regarding the analytics and identifiability of the answers. For example, if you email through our tool you can also send reminders and see which person have given which score, so that you can contact them again for additional feedback. This identifiability is only available if you choose the "Send survey to contact lists" option. If you choose the link or QR-code, the messaging will be not be identifiable.

The last thing on the collect panel is the "Embed to website" option, which allows you to embed the survey to your website and use all the features within the survey with your branding inside your website, with the exception of the video reviews.

3. Responses

Under responses you can find all the responses to your survey and you can filter them based on questions and the time they have been submitted.

In the "responses" tab you can also export all of the answers to a .csv file easily by clicking the button on the right (can be seen on the picture below).

4. Reviews

From the "reviews" tab you can find all the reviews that you are allowed to use in your marketing that you have gotten from the survey. You can find all of the reviews from all of the other surveys also from the left bar navigation under "reviews".

Remember that you need to click "Publish" from the review for it to be usable in embeds or notifications or popups. In this way we are making sure that none of the reviews that you feel like are not really representative can be moderated by you and none of them gets seen by your customer by mistake.

5. Settings

Under settings you can find the "Survey name" (shows only to you, not to your clients), "Company name" (shows on survey if you have no logo), "Logo", "privacy policy URL" (you can use survey specific privacy policy through this field) and "status". Through status you can close the survey when you want, so that it does not receive new answers.

On top of this there are the language options and additional feature toggles.

Additional features include:

  1. Automatically reset the survey after 5 seconds

  2. Video comments/reviews/testimonials

  3. Enabling segmentation

  4. Ask for contact information of detractors

  5. Social media sharing

Also there is the possiblity to delete the specific form from here.

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