Connecting your Trustmary and Google accounts

You need to connect your Trustmary and Google account before you can use the Google account for logging in. If you have registered to Trustmary using your Google account, you can use it right away to log in by clicking Login with Google on the login page.

First, log in to Trustmary. Then, in the right top corner click on your username, and from the drop-down menu click on Profile.

Scroll to the Login section and click on Connect with Google

Next you'll need to login to you Google account. This accounts email address needs to be the same email address as the one you have used in Trustmary. You can see what email address is used for your account on the profile page.

After that, your Trustmary account is linked with your Google account. You can now log in with your Google account at by selecting Login with Google.

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