Improving email deliverability

Avoid emails going into the spam folder by learning which factors affect email deliverability and how you can improve it.


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Domain verification

You can verify the domain you're sending from with Trustmary. Check out this guide on how to do it.


Automated emails such as the ones sent through Trustmary, can often be accidentally sorted into the spam folder of the receiver. As this usually means your customers will not see the survey you tried to send them, it is highly recommended to customize the email itself to avoid the spam folder.

The factors through which you can affect email deliverability when sending through Trustmary are:

  1. List quality: use only valid emails
  2. Message: be punctual with spelling and avoid phrases that are often used in spammy emails like "FREE" etc.
  3. Domain you send from and it's reputation
  4. The exact email address inside the domain, we highly recommend to use an email address with a name. "Info@" emails and similar get flagged as spam more often.
  5. Adding an SPF record

Depending on the factors above, from our tests we have seen that usually from the mails sent through our system 81,4%–98,6% will be delivered straight to the customers mailbox.


If you are having trouble with deliverability you should test:

  1. List quality: make sure that the emails you have in your list are valid
  2. Try different messages and test if it affects the deliverability
  3. Try sending from different email addresses to see if it affects deliverability
  4. Try adding an SPF record

You should expect +95% deliverability straight to inbox if:

  1. List has only valid emails
  2. Your message does not get flagged as spam
  3. You are using a personal email address (for example "[email protected]"), not a generic "info@" address


SPF record can dramatically improve your deliverability. If you are sending emails through Trustmary with your domain, you can add this to your domain as the SPF record: 

Alternatively, if you already have another SPF record you can add this as the SPF record: 

You can check your domains existing SPF records here:

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