Adding your customers to the Contacts section will allow you to send email & SMS invitations to them through Trustmary. You can also follow customer satisfaction and answers individually.


1. Open Contacts from the left navigation and select Create new list

2. Select the list you would like to use, for this use case select List, give it a name eg. "Product A customers" and click Create a list

Alternatively, you can create a smart list. Smart lists are automatically updating lists. Customers are automatically added and removed based on how happy they are.

3. Now you have an empty list, lets add the customers by clicking Import contacts

4. Select the preferred source. In this example, we have copied a row from excel and pasted it into the text field in section 2. Alternatively, you can choose an Excel or CSV file to upload.


  • Select correct data type for each column

  • Check that the preview in section 4. looks correct and click Import x persons

5. Now you have your customers on the list. You can now send survey invitations to the contacts on the list.

6. You can see all the customers activities by clicking on the customer in the list.

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